Continental GP 5000 700x25C Tour de France

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Continental Grand Prix 5000 700x25C Tour de France Tire

The Continental Grand Prix 5000 Special Edition TdF 2020 folding tire is a wheel with a first-class grip, offers a high degree of safety and impresses with its comfortable rolling resistance. Its most striking point is the cream-colored side wall full of spectacular optics with the official license of the Tour de France.


• Field of application: Route
• Product line: Premium
• Land: Street
• Model: Folding cover
• Tubeless system: without



Continental Premium tires have been designed to offer maximum performance. They are equipped with the latest technologies, which have been developed together with the most successful athletes in the world. They are handmade in Korbach (Germany) by experienced specialists. Added to this are selected materials of the highest quality and outstanding features.

BlackChili Compound

The performance characteristics of the tire rubber compound are determined by three interacting factors: Static friction (grip), rolling resistance and mileage. The dilemma: If one of these factors improves, at least one other factor deteriorates in return. BlackChili Compound is the name of Continental’s revolutionary tread compound based on the latest discoveries in polymer and raw material research. In the case of BlackChili, Continental refines newly developed synthetic rubbers with proven natural rubber in particularly high-performance profile compounds. Conti adds soot particles in the nano range to these rubbers, which are optimized in shape and surface properties to tailor the compound to the respective tire application. Covers with BlackChili compound achieve an unprecedented level of performance.
The complex compound technology is so sensitive that tires with the BlackChili compound are exclusively produced at Continental in Korbach.

Vectran ™ Breaker

The reference in puncture protection. A high-tech synthetic fiber with spun silk as a natural pattern. Vectran is spun from Vectra molten liquid polymer and processed into a multi-fiber yarn. Highly tear resistant with the lowest possible weight – just what is needed for puncture protection in a premium tire from Continental. And this without affecting rolling resistance.

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